Landscape Studies




There are very practical issues which effect the process of painting out of doors.


  1. The amount of equipment one has to transport. I for example am usually restricted to what can be carried on a bicycle. Therefore the paintings tend to be small.
  2. The weather. It is possible to paint in a cold, even snowy landscape but not for long. Rain makes it almost impossible. Wind even on a sunny summer day can chill one to the bone.
  3. Time. Working with the quality of light restricts the length of time it is possible to paint before the pattern of light and shadow has shifted so much a new view has appeared. Two hours is about the limit.


The size of a painting has some relationship with the kind of landscape one can portray. I never felt that the size of paper or canvas I could use when in the mountains in Canada could possibly cope with the huge scale of the place. Thus I feel the more intimate landscape of the Thames Valley is possible for me as a painting environment.